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Purpose before process

Package 1

Do you find yourself making decisions that align with the data you’ve collected – not what you set out to do?

Package 1 is our least intensive and will provide you with simple, achievable actions for how you can realign your processes with your purpose. These recommendations are tailored to meet the needs of your business wherever you are on your outcomes measurement journey. ​

Outcomes Measurement Frameworks 

Package 2

You know what works, you see it every day. Why is it so hard to ‘prove’ it?

Package 2 is a mid-range option. It provides you with an outcomes measurement framework that won’t require a new system or change management. We review and simplify your existing process, so you can easily collect the data you need to measure your outcomes. We start by spending time with the leaders, staff and clients discovering how they know what works, learning what data they already collect and how. We use this knowledge to improve the process. Simple as that! ​

Social Impact and Outcomes Assessments

Package 3

You know the outcomes you want to measure and you have the data, where to from here?

Using your established Outcomes Measurement Framework, FPE will work through your data to provide you an Outcomes Assessment. The Assessment can take any format you choose. We can deliver anything from a simple one pager for a board presentation through to a live dashboard report.


Call now for a free quote and scope assessment.

A scope assessment enables us to determine what you’re hoping to achieve. We can make recommendations around where to start and which packages you will benefit from.

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